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News Update: Recent Meetings About The Orton Fells Group


1. Orton Parish Council recently voted to support the amendment proposed by Friends of The Lake District and local landscape conservationists to include Reagill and Sleagill area in the National Park boundary extension plans. Please see for a map of that area.

2. At a public meeting in Reagill Village Hall Feb. 28, people gathered to share their views on the position of the northern boundary of the National Park extension proposed by Natural England and to hear about the idea to move it further north to include the Reagill and Sleagill area see url above. There was an exchange of views and opinions and Charles Paxton and Jack Ellerby of Friends of The Lake District  answered questions.
A resident requested that a show of hands be made to gauge the mood of the meeting.

Click here for notes on the content of the meeting National Park Boundaries Consultation Meeting Reagill
The voice of the meeting was:

For               21 (22 counting one proxy vote)

Against                  2

Abstentions            5

Crosby Ravensworth Parish Members
For         12 (13 counting a proxy vote)

Against        1

Abstentions  4

The next Crosby Parish Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday March 6th as posted in the community shelters not March 5th, my apologies for any confusion I caused.

Charles Paxton

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