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Do We Want This? If Not, Please Object to the Raisgill Hall Wind Turbine Appeal

An artist's conception of how Orton Village might look if Raisegill Hall turbine would be allowed
An artist's conception of how Orton Village might look if Raisegill Hall turbine would be allowed

An artist’s conception of how Orton Village might look if Raisgill Hall turbine would be allowed

You will have received notification that Steven Dunning has appealed against the decision by Eden District Council to refuse to grant planning permission for the installation of a wind turbine at Raisgill Hall, Tebay, CA10 3UB.
In the light of the level of opposition to the proposal, this is both surprising and disappointing. However, he is perfectly entitled to do this and you are quite entitled to make a representation, providing it is received before the 17th September 2014, and the Apppeal Reference APP/H0928/A/14/2223447 is quoted.
Your initial response to Eden District Council will have been forwarded to the Inspectorate. However, we feel that it is worth sending a further communication to the Inspectorate reinforcing your initial objection and, perhaps, adding to it. The grounds you may consider touching upon are:-
1. The size of the Turbine in relation to the surrounding landscape, it’s impact upon our area of great beauty, which is currently being considered for National Park status.
2. The negative impact upon neighbouring properties and communities.
3. The impact upon tourism. This area is increasingly important to visitors, including numerous walkers and cyclists. The proposal would be highly visible to all visitors.
4. Since the application was submitted to Eden District Council, the Planning Inspectorate has turned down one appeal for a turbine in Orton Parish at Sproat Ghyll. This was both a considerably smaller structure and in a less conspicuous position. It is hoped the Inspector will take this into account when considering the current proposal.
5. There are no benefits whatsoever to the surrounding communities and many costs. It is hoped that the Planning Inspectorate will take the strong levels of opposition into consideration when judging the appeal.
There are obviously many points you may wish to make but our strongest case is the landscape argument.
It is always difficult to re-motivate opposition but we feel it most important that we do. This has the potential to be a highly damaging development but if rejected it is unlikely that further applications will come forward.
Please contact the Planning Inspectorate and lodge a further objection:-

or email
Alternatively, encourage those who feel it more comfortable to write to do so:-
The Planning Inspectorate
3/10a Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square

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