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The Westmorland Fells Group (formerly Orton Fells Group) was  formed by local residents who appreciate the outstanding beauty and charm of our area. The group campaigned for the area to have some protected designated status. Now that has been achieved this blog and the website have taken on a hobby status for me.  I plan to be  adding attractive photos and interesting material about the Westmorland Fells to the website and blog over time and I welcome such material from my readers too, according to the terms of use and privacy documentation below.

The old website is pretty dated now and relies upon Flash technology to run the photo galleries. In 2018 I intend to revitalise the site and rebuild an aesthetically beautiful and safe site in a modern website design software called Xara.

It’ll take a while and I’ll built it up gradually, so I’ll ask you to please be patient during the process.

Here are the terms of use  and Privacy Policy information for this blog.

May 25th 2018

Please identify all submissions to this blog as either public or private communications. That way I know whether they are intended for publication or not. Please adhere to the laws of England with regard behaviour online.

All public communications will be moderated and the Editor, Charles Paxton, reserves the right not to publish material that he deems inappropriate. Please view my Privacy information on https://thewebcat,biz/.


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